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Our Favorite Links
Search by Keyword

Search by Keyword

Megapixel ChartA reference chart that provides a quick determination of pixel requirements for standard output print sizes.
Scanning and Resolution CalculatorA handy calculator that computes print and scan resolutions needed for various output print sizes.
Light ImpressionsA great source for archival products and supplies to preserve and protect your negatives, slides and photos.
Tony's BlogThe photography and photographic observations of the company's owner.
All About Digital ImagingA great reference guide for those who want to understand the art of film scanning.
Photographers - Send Us Your Links
As photographers ourselves, we are always interested in seeing what the competition is doing out there.  Let's face it, we are photo junkies here at White Glove Scanning
So, we invite all our customers who also happen to be photographers to send us their URLs and we'll post them on our Links page.  Professional, semi, or rank amateur, it doesn't matter.  In time, we may even create a gallery of the best images.  
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