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    White Glove Scanning is owned and operated by professional photographers who fully understand the value you place on your films, slides and photographs.  We know that these documents represent the most important and joyful times of your lives.  How often do we hear that when disaster strikes, be it a fire, flood, hurricane or tornado, that the personal item that is often rescued before all others is the family photo album.  It is also perhaps the one item most difficult to replace following a disaster.  Unfortunately, as valuable as our negatives, color slides and photos are to us, too often they are the most vulnerable to damage from fire, water and exposure.  Digitizing through the process of scanning is the best way to ensure that your precious memories will survive in the event disaster strikes.  Scanning your negatives, slides and photos transforms your documents into a more durable and permanent format, but even more important, you now have the ability to make as many copies of your originals as you like.  Store one copy nearby for quick access and then distribute other copies to relatives and friends for safeguarding.  You can even archive your digital files on multiple computers or to an offsite or online server for ultimate protection.

Our name, "White Glove Scanning," refers to the type of treatment your original negatives, slides, film and photos will receive.  We literally wear white cotton gloves throughout the process of handling and scanning your film and photos.  Skin oils are very unkind to film, slides and photos, and we take every precaution to make sure we do not transfer any oils or fingerprints to your precious media.  Please understand that we receive materials in all conditions, both good and bad, but we do everything we can to ensure that we do not add to the problem.  Additionally, we blow off any surface dust with filtered compressed air before we do each and every scan to minimize dust problems.  In many cases, your negatives and slides will be returned to you in better condition than when you sent them to us.  A reputation for quality and customer satisfaction is number one.  We treat all customers with professionalism and we add our own personal touch.

Did we mention that we will never send your valuable films, slides and print out to another country as is a common practice with some less reputable scanning houses.  All our work is done on site in our facility in Guntersville, Alabama.  Your valuable materials will never leave our care from the minute they arrive until they are shipped back to you. 

We use only state-of-the-art scanners like the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000ED, 9000ED and the Epson Perfection V750 Pro. Our Nikon scanners are dedicated film scanners which produce the highest resolution, most accurate color balance, and tonality.  They are tied to Power Mac desktops with color calibrated Apple Cinema monitors.  We color calibrate our monitors once a week, using the Colorvision Spyder 2Pro system, to ensure consistently accurate color fidelity. 

  As previously mentioned, we are professional photographers who can fully understand the value you place on your priceless and irreplaceable original slides, negatives and films.  Be aware that we will do everything to ensure that your materials are treated with the utmost care.  Before starting White Glove Scanning, we were the custodians for the film archives of one of NASA's field centers, maintaining and safeguarding over forty years of historic and irreplaceable original NASA film footage from the earliest days of America's space program.

Please note:     All photographs appearing on our site were taken by our staff and cannot be reproduced without our permission. 

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