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Shipping Information
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Shipping Rates and Policies

     We offer a couple of options for shipping your important slides, film and prints back to you along with your CD's and DVD's.  The options will be offered during the checkout process.  We have established set prices for the various services.  Please refer to these costs before you click on one of the option buttons at checkout.

Shipping & Handling 
Standard rates - (large or heavy orders may incur additional costs):
 USPS Priority Mail (2-4 business days)  $15.00
 USPS Express Mail (overnight service to most areas)  $35.00
 Insurance:  $5.00 first $100 + $2.00 for every additional $100.00 insured.

    With regard to shipping your material to us, we recommend using USPS Priority Mail Service, USPS Express Mail Service or FedEx (note: We do not use FedEx for return shipping unless you supply us your FedEx account number).  For information on how to package your materials, please refer to the instructions on the Services Page here.  Please take care when packaging your materials for shipment.  Obviously your slides, negatives and prints are valuable to you.  Select packaging methods which are suitable, keeping in mind the delicacy and durability of your materials.  The use of plastic "zip" bags, negative sleeves, padded bubble envelopes and stiff cardboard are all recommended to protect your originals from the elements and the rigors of shipping.

Note:   Please take care to indicate clearly which negatives and slides need to be scanned so we don't waste valuable time getting your scans back to you as quickly as possible.  Our turnaround times are basic guides for planning purposes.  Know that we always try to get your scans back to you as soon as possible.  If for any reason, we anticipate delays, we will notify you via phone or email.

  Please address your packages and envelopes to:
White Glove Scanning
c/o Tony Triolo Photography, LLC
385 Boat House Drive
Guntersville, AL 35976

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